Paperless Customer Communications

Bank of Ireland UK is established in the United Kingdom and is the principal United Kingdom retail and commercial banking business of the Bank of Ireland. They provide a range of financial products and services for two of the UK’s most trusted brands – the Post Office and the AA.

Back in 2017, the Bank was looking to digitise a series of servicing and regulatory letters to dramatically reduce the “cost to serve” while delivering a better customer experience.

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Business Challenge

The Bank was looking to deliver a fully ‘paperless’ solution with all customer communications being delivered by digital channels. The added challenge for the Bank was that they needed one solution to support the different branding requirements of the two partner brands (Post Office & AA).

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The Solution

  • All communications are ‘triggered’ by data feeds from the core banking systems which means that customer journeys can be updated or messages cancelled if the customer has taken an action on their account.
  • An API call was set up between the client’s Core System and the Which50 platform.
  • Templates were set up for all communications required – over 20 digital versions of the required ‘customer letters’ were created, covering everything from Welcome Journey to Confirmation of Account Closure.
  • Customers receive a secure but personalised email which can include details pulled from the core banking systems including personal details, account number, product details etc.
  • Initial ‘Savings’ project was the beginning of an enterprise-wide digitisation process – subsequently developed to incorporate wider digital support for other products across the Group.

The Results

Since the project went live in 2018 over 8M emails and 150k SMS messages have been sent to Post Office and AA customers. In any given month there are at least 40+ different ‘letters’ that are sent out as automated digital communications – typical monthly volumes would be between 75,000 and 125,000. 

  1. 40% reduction in costs
  2. Automated triggers and reports
  3. Seamless connections with core systems
  4. Better Customer Experience
  5. Agile cloud deployment
  6. 40+ postal letters replaced with emails
  7. Easy editing of email templates using the easy-to-use content management system (CMS)
  8. Lower cost to serve

If you would like to learn more about how the Which50 customer experience management (CXM) platform can help your financial institution to scale personalised communications while reducing costs, please reach out to us below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Customer Facts
Bank of Ireland UK
United Kingdom
Financial Services
Key Challenges
  1. Deliver full paperless solution for Savings for Post Office & AA
  2. Automate all customer communications from core banking platform
  3. Manage branded communications for both brands from one platform
reduction in costs