Which50 Tips & Tricks

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April 2023 Tips & Tricks

New Feature: Responsive Styles.

February 2023 Tips & Tricks

New Feature: ‘Time-Bound’ Segmentation, Updated ‘Send to Duplicates’ feature, Updated Reporting pie charts.

November 2022 Tips & Tricks

New Feature: ‘Merged’ type eDocument, Updated Proofing screen options, Pre-header text reminder.

October 2022 Tips & Tricks

New Feature: QR Codes, Updated Report Export Options.

September 2022 Tips & Tricks

Conflicting Changes Management, Updated Campaign Templates, Improved File Managing.

June 2022 Tips & Tricks

Solution Showcase – Multiview Data Capture Webform & Document Upload Portal.

May 2022 Tips & Tricks

New Feature: A/B Split Test, Embedding Webforms in your Website, Saving your work.

April 2022 Tips & Tricks

Marketing & Service Communications, New Contact List Field sorting/rearranging, Campaign Comparison Report.

March 2022 Tips & Tricks

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) login verification, New Features: View Test Email History, & Hyperlink Colour Styling.

February 2022 Tips & Tricks

Improved Webform Options (new Validation & Calculation options).

January 2022 Tips & Tricks

New Feature: eDocuments.

August 2021 Tips & Tricks

Consent Management & GDPR Auditing, Which50 Notification Suite.

July 2021 Tips & Tricks

Improved Campaign Activities, Improved Contact Importing Info, Improved Throttling.

June 2021 Tips & Tricks

2 Factor Authentication, Mobile Responsiveness.

May 2021 Tips & Tricks

New Feature: DocUpload, Google Fonts, Improved Credit Usage Report.

April 2021 Tips & Tricks

New Feature: SpotCheck, Throttling on weekends, Improved Reporting Stats Sort & Filter.

March 2021 Tips & Tricks

New Feature: Webform Headers and Footers, Exporting Suppression List, Keyboard Shortcuts.