Easy Digital Billing and Payments Made Possible

eBilling is essential in an increasingly digital and environmentally-aware world as your customers no longer want to get bills in the post. And when it comes to payments, they expect to pay quickly and easily through digital channels. For companies in highly regulated sectors like Telecoms, Financial Services, and Utilities, our platform Which50 can help you fully digitise these twin processes – with ease.

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Deliver a Fully Digital eBilling Experience

By giving your customers a digitised customer eBilling and payment experience, you’ll be offering a solution that puts their needs first and increases operational efficiencies and customer retention for your organisation.

  • Reason 1

    Your customers are digital natives or have probably been using technology for many years. Today’s consumer expects all services to be available through digital means. By digitising billing and payments, you are communicating on their terms and enhancing success rates.

  • Reason 2

    Operational costs and particularly postal costs are a major outlay for all consumer-facing organisations. Billing and payments are the cornerstones of customer communications for services organisations. With Which50, you can manage these twin processes seamlessly, allowing you lower operational costs, and increase visibility and efficiencies too.

  • Reason 3

    Which50 streamlines billing and payments in many ways. You can easily manage consent, and hold accurate and valid digital contact details in order to send out the digital versions of the bills or statements. While two-way communications means customers can easily upload specific information like meter readings to make bills more accurate.

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Communicate and Connect with your Customer Base

Our cloud-based customer communications platform, Which50 is designed to meet the needs of businesses in highly regulated sectors. Key features combine to deliver a transformed eBilling and Payments experience for both customer and service provider alike. 

Replace Paper Clips with Kilobytes

Today’s consumer often sees paper-based communications as old-fashioned. By using only digital communications tools, you can talk to your customers on their own digital terms about all things billings and payments. By allowing them receive and pay bills digitally, you’ll make their life easier too at the same time. And Which50 allows you to pick the mode of communications that suits you and your customer best.


Schedule and Send

Automated customer communications can save your organisation time, money and hassle on a daily basis. Which50 can schedule and activate billing campaigns based on predetermined days of the month or usage limits. In addition, built-in throttle intelligence can even spread out billing communications over a period of time to help manage support-channel demand in call centres.


Communicate Two-ways

Sometimes, in order to receive the most up-to-date bill, your customers will have to provide the most up-to-date information, like meter readings for example. Our platform offers this two-way communication facility which will save your team time and resources.

Which50’s eBilling and Payment solutions allow your customers to upload any required information seamlessly and simply.

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Attach and Secure

Which50 allows you to easily send out automated email campaigns, with each customer receiving their own individual document as a secure attachment.  Your customers now prefer to get attachments of their bill or statement rather than having to log in to an online portal. Which50 deploys secure Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to ensure optimum security and eliminate unauthorised access to another customer’s personal and financial details.


Adjust and Inform

By giving you the ability to vary branding options within your customer communications campaigns, Which50 opens up a world of opportunity for you. Our platform allows you change images, colours, and content using a variety of templates. And you can even insert data from predetermined fields like names and account numbers in to any correspondence. This flexibility and personalisation will ensure higher trust and recognition levels.

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Helping you Deliver eBilling and Payment Solutions Across Many Industries

Our flexible and agile eBilling and payment solution is built to handle the day-to-day challenges you will face when providing a digitised eBilling and Payments service, no matter what your sector.

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The energy and utility sectors have never been more competitive. With green energy and eco-awareness driving customer behaviour, utility companies need to deliver environmentally friendly eBilling options in order to minimize customer churn and stay compliant with regulatory requirements.

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Cost-to-Serve is a key consideration in many Financial Services companies, and by adopting a digital eBilling and Payments process, you’re reducing this all-important number. And this allows you cut costs substantially overall.

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Customers now expect to access all sorts of information on their smartphone. Getting paper bills in the post can seem outdated. Which50 can help keep your brand relevant by offering a digital billing and payment solution, while at the same time saving time and money

Customer Testimonials
What others say

With customers worldwide, CustomerMinds has customers across finance, telecoms and utility sectors currently putting this easy-to-use content management system to use. We are pleased to share what our customer say about our customer journey management software from around the world.


From a business perspective we needed to implement a certain project that our legacy system couldn’t handle – research was carried out and we found CustomerMinds. Five years later and they are a really integral part of the bank – we can’t function without them.


I think the greatest asset of Which50 is the flexibility of the product, and the potential it has to improve the customer experience, whilst saving time and resources internally.


The main challenges that we were facing prior to CustomerMinds was linked to the limitations of our legacy business systems that meant creating customer communications channels proved difficult and time consuming.