Transform your Customer Experience

Consumers today demand seamless customer experiences, while service providers need to leverage journey automation to optimize customer communications. At CustomerMinds, our unique customer communications platform Which50 allows you do both and a whole lot more. Your customers get a fluid omni-channel experience at every stage of their journey and your company lowers costs, increases internal efficiencies and enhances compliance – and all from one easy-to-use platform.

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An Omnichannel Communications Platform with Purpose

Our cloud-based platform offers a range of features and functionality designed to make digital customer communications easier and more efficient than ever before. Seamless integration combined with ease-of-use and agility to deliver a solution specifically-built to handle the omnichannel customer communications challenges faced by companies in highly regulated sectors.

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Lower Costs and Optimise Customer Experiences

You can now deploy one singular platform to transform multichannel customer communications. Which50 can help you drive down operational costs while at the same time, optimising the everyday customer experience through customer journey automation.

  • Reason 1

    Which50 allows you minimize operational costs by eliminating postal deliveries where possible. With automated customer journeys you’ll save time and resources – and streamline internal operations!

  • Reason 2

    Today’s consumers are digital natives and use technology in daily life. By reducing the volume of paper sent to them, they’ll be a whole lot happier with you as a service provider. And no more paper means a commitment to the environment too.

  • Reason 3

    In an era of GDPR and data privacy, compliance and regulatory standards have never been higher for companies in consumer-facing sectors. Which50 gives you full visibility over all your communication compliance requirements.

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Connect with Customers

Our unique omni-channel customer communications platform is designed to meet the needs of businesses in highly regulated sectors like Financial Services, Telecoms, and Utilities. With specific functionality for personalised two-way communication built-in, Which50 can help you easily connect and engage through a range of digital paths.

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From digital onboarding to regulatory communications and more, you can communicate directly with your customers through the Which50 platform. Customisable ‘No-Code’ templates and point-and-click segmentation capability ensures campaigns can be prepared and despatched with ease.

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Getting customers to submit details and provide information or feedback is much easier in digital formats. With Which50, you can create smart, dynamic web forms and automate prompts for customers to complete them with speed and agility.

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Whether it’s direct debit mandates, invoices, or other important documents, you can also handle these through Which50. Our electronic document management feature can help you send and receive these digital documents through a highly secure two-way process.

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Which50 can help you connect with your target audience through flexible and short formats like SMS and WhatsApp. This is important for both short, timely messages to customers and for multi-factor authentication (MFA) to access secure sites or documents.

Innovative Client Interface

One intuitive interface gives you access to all the insights you need when it comes to omni-channel customer communications and campaigns. You can access our ‘No-Code’ build-and-design tool based on ‘What you see, is what you get principles’. Segmentation is also easy to apply, while Reporting and Analytics functionality deliver a new level of visibility on all aspects of your digital customer communications.

Which50 omni-channel customer experience (CX) platform

How CustomerMinds can help your business

Proven Track Record

At CustomerMinds, we have worked with a range of blue-chip, international brands in key industries for many years, delivering advice and expertise on customer experience improvement as part of broader digital transformation strategies.

Industry Experience

The insight we have gained from our work in highly regulated sectors like Financial Services, Telecoms and Utilities has allowed us to develop the first omni-channel customer experience tool designed specifically for companies in these highly regulated sectors.

Reduce Cost to Serve

Customer administration can be both costly and time-consuming. Automated digital communication eliminates postal costs and other resource-heavy tasks. The Which50 customer communications platform allows you to reduce that all-important cost-to-serve ratio while improving the customer experience.

Minimise Churn

Today’s consumers expect a consistent experience across multiple channels. By optimising omni-channel communications, you will be delivering the customer experience that’s required in the digital era.

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