Simple and Secure Electronic Document Management

Electronic Document Management is essential for highly regulated sectors like Telecoms, Financial Services and Utilities. Key documents play a major role in optimising customer journeys and administration. From direct debit mandates to invoices, Which50 can help you send and receive digital documents through a highly secure two-way process using multi-factor authentication (MFA). This lends itself to an improved customer experience, taking the hassle away for your customers while also optimising internal efficiencies for your organisation.

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Electronic Document Functionality

Today’s consumer places huge value on security and ease-of-use. Which50 can offer your customers real peace-of-mind when receiving, completing, signing and uploading documents, offering two-way document transfer and upload capability.

  • Reason 1

    There may be documents such as proof of address or forms of identification such as a driving licence or passport that you may need to receive from your customer as part of an on-boarding or sign up process. Customer communication is a two-way process and Which50 digitises this with ease.

  • Reason 2

    Whether you want to send an email with an attachment, or generate Dynamic PDFs using details submitted via a webform, Which50 can now help you do it quickly and easily. Our eDocs functionality allows you to seamlessly create eDocuments from your customer data.

  • Reason 3

    Security is always a primary concern for both you and your customers. Which50 allows you to host eDocuments behind a secure gated landing page that uses Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) to protect the confidential information in the document, offering protection to everyone.


Which50 Electronic Document Management Features

Serve Your Customers With Best-in-class e-Document Features

Which50 has been designed and developed with best-practice security and data management functionality.

Generate your eDoc within Which50

You can design a template for your file within Which50, and then populate it with content that is personalised for each customer before sending out. This is ideal for communications like monthly statements, for example. It can also be used individually with data collected through webform submission, such as a direct debit mandate, resulting in a ‘digital confirmation’ being sent to the customer.

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Automate file import to send out

With our ‘Automated Import’ option, you can automatically import a set of files which you can attach to an email campaign, with each customer receiving their own personalised document. For example, a batch of monthly invoice PDFs from your finance system might need to be sent out each month, with the correct invoice going to each individual customer.

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Send existing document out as an attachment

Which50’s ‘Pre-Existing’ option is the simplest and most commonly used eDocument option. This allows you to select a file that you have uploaded to a folder within Which50, and attach it to any email in your campaign. For example you might want to send out a revised set of Terms & Conditions to every customer.

secure customer document transfer system | Which50

Customer DocUpload

A DocUpload webpage can be quickly and easily set up which allows the customer to upload documents they need to send to you such as identity documents. Built-in security in the form of a 2FA Gate means that before the customer uploads any documents, a One Time Passcode (OTP) will be sent to their mobile via SMS.

electronic document management platform using MFA | Which50

Provide exceptional e-document functionality – no matter what your sector

Across all highly regulated sectors, Which50 has the functionality and capability to help you deliver a superior customer experience for your customers from initial customer onboarding  to secure electronic document management, aiding customer retention by enabling continuity and satisfaction throughout the customer lifecycle.

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From uploading photos of meter readings to receiving bills and so much more, consumers in this sector need comprehensive digital document functionality. Which50 can offer a range of advantages for utilities service providers.

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Which50 can offer banks, and all financial companies an unrivalled ability to replace post with eDocuments. Designing expansive customer journeys in this sector has never been easier.

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Customer churn in the telecoms sector is at an all-time high. By creating exceptional customer journeys with two-way document transfer through Which50, you can hold on to your customer base and reduce operational costs too.

Customer Testimonials
What others say

With customers worldwide, CustomerMinds has customers across finance, telecoms and utility sectors currently putting this easy-to-use content management system to use. We are pleased to share what our customer say about our customer journey management software from around the world.


From a business perspective we needed to implement a certain project that our legacy system couldn’t handle – research was carried out and we found CustomerMinds. Five years later and they are a really integral part of the bank – we can’t function without them.


I think the greatest asset of Which50 is the flexibility of the product, and the potential it has to improve the customer experience, whilst saving time and resources internally.


The main challenges that we were facing prior to CustomerMinds was linked to the limitations of our legacy business systems that meant creating customer communications channels proved difficult and time consuming.