Thinking about AGM Season – Time to Go Digital!

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It’s that time of year again – the kids are back in school and the sun reappeared after another miserable summer! For those that work in the Credit Union sector we know that every September is the beginning of AGM Season – as the financial year closes, the planning begins for the most important event of the year. This year, as the world struggles to cope with the climate emergency, we thought it would make sense to share some of our thoughts on how to Go Digital with your AGM communications – by doing so you can significantly reduce your costs whilst helping to save the planet at the same time.

As an expert provider of customer journey communications and marketing automation solutions for credit unions, we’ve compiled some top tips for Credit Union management to consider as they start to prepare for their annual general meetings (AGMs). Check out this article to learn more about our Five Tips to Go Digital this AGM Season:

1 – Go Digital

The World Council of Credit Unions has put the digitisation of the global credit union system at the heart of the Challenge 2025 initiative. At the centre of this global programme is the need to promote environmental stewardship and reduce unnecessary waste whilst delivering a better member experience. By adopting digital communications, not only can credit unions embrace modern and efficient communication methods, but they also gain the capability to contribute to reducing paper consumption, lessening reliance on natural resources, and thereby lowering carbon emissions.

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2 – Collect Consent

In highly regulated sectors, stringent compliance and regulatory standards can make member communications a challenge and specific consent for digital AGM packs should be gathered from all members. It is important to leverage a secure communication platform that gives you the tools and reporting capability to support GDPR compliance and ensures that members can quickly and easily update and edit their consent and communication preferences online.

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3 – Embrace SMART Statements

One of the key regulatory requirements for AGM communication is that all members must be sent a copy of their annual statement as part of their AGM Pack. A SMART approach to take is to send a digital version of the statement and CustomerMinds has developed an automated process that can generate digital copies of every member’s statement directly from the core banking platform. This can then be sent out as a secure digital copy via email or hosted behind a secure MFA gateway.

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4 – Seek Member Feedback

After members have received their digital AGM packs and participated in the AGM, it’s important to actively seek feedback to gauge their satisfaction and identify areas for improvement. This can be done using surveys, feedback forms, or direct communication channels.

Regularly review and update the digital AGM pack delivery process based on member feedback and changing technology trends. Continuous improvement demonstrates the credit union’s commitment to enhancing the member experience.

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5 – Utilise Secure Digital Platform

To transition to a digital approach for sending AGM packs, credit unions should prioritize the use of secure digital platforms. These platforms should adhere to the highest standards of data encryption and protection to ensure the confidentiality and security of members’ sensitive financial information.

Investment in platforms that offer secure document sharing and storage capabilities makes it easy to distribute AGM packs electronically while maintaining data privacy.

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The shift toward digital AGM pack delivery represents an opportunity for credit unions to streamline operations, improve member engagement and make significant budget savings. By utilising secure digital communication platforms, creating user-friendly digital journeys, offering multiple delivery options, and seeking continuous improvement, credit unions can make the transition to digital AGM packs a seamless and member-centric experience.

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