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An archive of our features within the Which50 platform 

Since the arrival of GDPR in 2018 it is critical to be able to differentiate between a Marketing message and a Service (or Operational) message. If you are sending a Marketing Email or SMS then you MUST have Consent to send marketing messages to that customer, whereas you do not need Consent to send a Service message.

Within Which50 you can handle both Marketing and Service message from the one place – you simply need to select which type of message you wish to set up when you are creating your content. You can even combine Marketing and Service messages within the same customer journey if that is appropriate. Which50 will handle everything else to help you stay on the right side of the regulations.

New Contact List Field Options

When building a Webform you may need to use a ‘Fixed Field’ in your Contact List. They can allow users to select one option from a list of options. You can now use the highlighted buttons to drag and drop those options in whatever order you’d like. Or you can click the Sorting arrows to auto-sort the list alphabetically.

Tip: Campaign Comparison Report

Over time your Marketing Campaigns will stack up, and it can be very helpful to know how your communications are performing. Using the Which50 Report Comparison tool, you can see exactly that! Simply choose a date range and see how well your Campaigns have been doing across Delivery rates, Open rates, Click throughs etc.

We all know how critical it is to have the appropriate protection for all of your data and campaigns which are hosted in cloud environments such as Which50. With this in mind we are now rolling out Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to add an additional layer of cybersecurity via additional verification steps beyond the current email and password combination.

View Test Email History

We have added a new feature to the crucial step of Testing your Campaign. When sending a test email, to yourself or your colleagues, you will now see the new ‘View History’ option appear in the popup Test Email menu.

This will allow you to see the details of any emails sent to that contact, so you know exactly when they received the test email, and if it was delivered successfully.

We have introduced some new ‘smarter’ options available that are now available to you when creating and using Webforms in Which50.

You will find these new options in the Properties Panel on the right hand side when designing a Webform. These new options include new limitations on what answers you want to collect from a webform.

Click below for more information.

Whether you want to send an email with a PDF attached to it, or generate PDFs using details submitted via a webform, Which50 can help you do it!

There are 3 different ways to use the eDocuments feature, depending on what sort of file you would like to attach to an email. Click the button below for a quick guide and find out which will work best for your needs.

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Our Compliance Portal provides useful functionality for Consent Management and GDPR auditing. This portal can provide crucial info in case of a GDPR information request.

‘Service’ Emails

Creating a ‘Service’ Email/SMS allows you to send communication that ignores your contacts’ Consent Status.

So your contacts can opt out of receiving marketing materials, but still remain subscribed to receive important information.

New Daily Email Notifications

In a campaign that has Daily recurring activities, there is a new notification that will be automatically created and sent to you after the completion of the task, letting you know what was sent and when, each day.

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Newly sorted Campaign Activities: An updated Trigger Selection Menu to help guide you when choosing what happens when you activate a campaign in Which50.

New Contact Importing Info

Improved Information during Contact Importing: After you have completed uploading contacts into Which50, the status value will display as either: SuccessfulPartially SuccessfulUnsuccessful.

With information on how to handle any unsuccessfully imported contacts.

New Throttling Options

Improved handling of our Throttling Feature, with clarification on when Emails/SMS will be sent per day.


2-Factor Authentication. Increased security via 2 authentication steps across 2 devices

2-Column Layouts in Emails

Use different 2-Column layouts for responsive email design on different screen sizes


DocUpload – Document Uploading within Webforms

Credit Balance Info

Which50 Credit Balances – keep an eye on your credits

Google Fonts in Emails

How to use Google Fonts in your emails

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SpotCheck – double check emails before approving them to be sent

Throttling Options – pause over weekends

Exclude the weekends when Throttling your email send

Reporting Quick View

Reporting info can now be sorted and filtered, without exporting first


Floating Headers and Footers within Webforms

Suppression List Exporting

Export your Suppression List, to get the contacts opted out of comms

Keyboard Shortcuts in the W50 Email Designer

Use keyboard shortcuts within the HTML designer (eg. Copy & Paste with: ‘ctrl+c’ and ‘ctrl+v’)

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