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Nuffield Health

Utilising Omni-Channel Journeys To Increase Engagement​

Nuffield Health is one of the UK’s leading Health and Fitness groups. They have been caring for the public for over 50 years, through the development of gyms, hospitals and health centres. Currently, Nuffield Health has over 200 facilities across the UK including; Gymnasiums, Private Hospitals, Health Clinics and Diagnostic Units.

Nuffield Health required a solution that would enable them to manage their leads more efficiently and to reach an increasingly diverse audience. CustomerMinds reduced Nuffield’s marketing costs by allowing them to focus on only the campaigns that were working.

“In such a crowded marketplace, it’s important that we differentiate ourselves, both regarding providing more than just a gym, but also by demonstrating that we understand the best way to communicate with customers, who all have different needs and requirements”

says Jane Bell, Customer Relationship & Marketing Manager at Nuffield Health.

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