CustomerMinds are delighted to partner with Bridgeforce

CustomerMinds and Bridgeforce are delighted to announce a new partnership to help financial services organisations transform the way they communicate digitally with their clients. CustomerMinds and Bridgeforce share the same goal of filling the ‘gaps’ in digital transformation in financial services and believe that CustomerMinds’ Which50 platform provides a differentiated agile, quick and easy solution for the sector.

Customer Communications Management (CCM) Platform | Which50

Helping you drive down costs while ramping up digital experience

The Which50 platform brings complex customer journeys to life – throughout every phase of the customer lifecycle. For many reasons, building best-in-class digital journeys for your customers has never been more important.

  • Reason 1

    Today’s customer has a huge appetite for all things digital and expects to complete transactions and correspondence of all types with service providers online. By creating digital-first experiences, you will be speaking to customers on their terms, while also eliminating paper – which is great for the environment too.

  • Reason 2

    For your business, digital transformation must be more than just a buzz word. An impactful, detailed digital customer journey ensures you will lower operational costs associated with manual tasks while optimizing operations. Your marketing teams will also love working with the famously easy-to-use Which50 system.

  • Reason 3

    Highly regulated sectors demand very high levels of compliance and companies are expected to meet ever-changing regulatory standards. By using one specialist platform to manage customer communications, you will have the full picture on compliance at a glance, giving you real peace-of-mind that all standards are being met as required.

Multi-channel digital customer experiene platform | Which50 | CustomerMinds

Digital Communication Solutions

Click on each of the below segments to learn more on each stage of the customer lifecycle
Digital Communication Solutions

Acquisition & Onboarding

  • New Customer SignUp
  • New Product SignUp
  • Document Upload
  • Welcome Journeys

Billing & Payments

  • Payment Journeys
  • Switch to eBilling
  • Deliver eBills
  • Direct Debit SignUp

Debt & Collections

  • Payment Journey
  • Promise to Pay
  • Payment Arrangement
  • I&E Assessment
  • NOSIA Letters

Customer Service

  • Bereavement
  • Complaints Management
  • Secure eDocuments
  • Regulatory Communications
  • Bulk Mail Digitisation

Retention & Growth

  • Rewards
  • Surveys
  • Renewals
  • Upsell

Managing customer journeys across many industries

Our flexible and agile solution is built to handle the day-to-day challenges you will face when it comes to designing and delivering digital customer journeys – across all sectors.

CustomerMinds and Bridgeforce partnership

Collection & Arrears

As prices continue to rise, many customers are finding it hard to pay bills. Through Which50, you can engage with your customers to encourage payment where possible. This will increase the chances of payment by giving your customer a better digital experience while also enhancing internal operations.

digital customer journeys with customerminds

eBilling & Payments

eBilling is essential in an increasingly digital and environmentally-aware world as your customers no longer want to get bills in the post and they expect to pay quickly and easily through digital channels. Our platform Which50 can help you fully digitise these twin processes.

Digital transormation with customer minds

Regulatory Communications

Your customers often need to be kept up to date on important consumer and industry developments. Through Which50, you can replace traditional letters with digital communications, making life easier for customers and ensuring your operational costs decrease.

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