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Utilising Omni-Channel Journeys To Increase Customer Engagement​

Bank of Ireland is a banking & insurance group established in 1783 by Royal Charter and headquartered in the Republic of Ireland. Authorised and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, Bank of Ireland is a relationship-driven retail and commercial bank with a diversified portfolio.

Bank of Ireland required a system which would allow them to encourage engagement amongst new and existing customers. With CustomerMinds, Bank of Ireland has been able to target specific segments of their customer base with multi-channel marketing campaigns.

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Business Challenge

Bank of Ireland came to CustomerMinds with these key business challenges:

  • Cultivating & sustaining relationships with customers.
  • Targeting customers in an appropriate and timely manner to maximise customer engagement.
  • Integrating digital and offline marketing channels.
  • Establishing email as a primary communication channel.
  • Maintaining optimum levels of compliance, data privacy and IT security in keeping with current banking policies.
  • Adhering to correct data usage principles.
  • Ensuring the bank’s contact strategy is followed rigorously.

The Solution

In addressing the business challenges, Bank of Ireland required a system which would allow them to both attract prospective customers and encourage engagement amongst their existing client base.

Using the Which50 platform from CustomerMinds solution, Bank of Ireland have been able to target specific segments of this client base with multi-channel marketing campaigns. They have focused on integrating all of their offline advertising campaigns with corresponding digital communications.

Data is gathered throughout a campaign’s lifetime and used in future targeting, segmentation and personalisation.

Analytics are provided to the bank after each campaign which allows them to learn from and develop better communications for its customers going forward. The gleaning of this data can also inform decisions made across the group.

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The Results

  1. The use of multi-channel customer communications increased customer engagement.
  2. The drive to make Email the primary communication channel was instrumental in the delivery of the bank’s digital contact strategy.
  3. Proper & appropriate data usage has facilitated segmentation, targeting and personalisation of communications, resulting in high response rates.
  4. Timely, targeted campaigns have seen more positive reactions from customers.
  5. Secure data capture via webforms and recording of preferences and consent has ensured compliance with all data and banking regulations.

If you would like to learn more about how the Which50 customer experience platform can be deployed to automate and improve your customer journeys, please reach out to us below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Customer Facts
Bank of Ireland
Republic of Ireland
Banking, Finance and Insurance
Key Challenges
  1. Maintain optimal data compliance standards
  2. Ensure correct & appropriate use of data
  3. Reduce significantly printing and postage costs
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