3 Ways ‘The Cloud’ Can Benefit Your Business

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You might be forgiven for passing off “Cloud Computing” as just another marketing buzzword, and in some ways, it is (it’s essentially another way of saying “Internet-based computing”). But when compared with traditional software, the benefits of cloud computing – accessibility, scalability and adaptability – are significant, not just for IT professionals, but for everybody in the modern workforce.

So, how does cloud computing benefit the average business user?

1. Accessibility

Typically, any cloud-based communications platform is accessed on a device with an internet connection. This means that users can build, activate and evaluate their digital campaigns from the office, from home, and even on the go on a mobile device. No installation or configuration required – just a web browser and an internet connection.

2. Scalability

A digital communications platform that is fit for purpose should be able to handle everything from your monthly newsletter to complex automated communications and customer journeys. As digital communications strategies become more advanced, product experts should be able to advise you on the best way to implement those strategies. When your organisation scales, your contact database will scale too – and when it’s all stored in the cloud, you should be able to segment and target from a high level right down to the minor details.

3. Adaptability

Your enterprise communications platform should have an advanced user permissions structure – meaning that users only have access to what they need. However, roles change, and people move on. It should be a quick and easy process to add users or change their permissions. Extra features and new accounts should be easy to add. This should all come together to give you a digital communications platform that can quickly adapt to shifting dynamics within your organisation.

The Single Database

In any organisation, contact information is acquired from a multitude of different sources – from Customers to Prospects and everything in between. Traditionally, this valuable customer information would have been stored in separate databases. Using a single database in the cloud means that you can use past behavioural details to ensure that your communications are relevant to your contacts.

When hosted in the cloud, the Single Database can reach its full potential as a business asset. The benefits of Cloud Computing ensure that space is never an issue, the database is accessible to employees regardless of location, and self-service management and analysis of data is easy to maintain.

Ultimately, both the organisation and the contacts benefit from a Single Database. The organisation by reducing its costs and increasing accessibility, scalability and adaptability, and the contact by receiving a tailored experience that suits their needs.
In a future dominated by information and its acquisition, these features ensure that your organisation is never found wanting in its ability to scale – all the while creating a better customer experience.

Which50 delivers all of the above benefits – to find out more, contact us by calling or filling out the form on the right.

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