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Multiple Channels
Design, build and track digital customer journeys


Deliver A Premium Customer Experience

Which50 is designed to help organisations deliver a personalised customer experience across marketing, operational and customer service communications. Our proprietary cloud-based platform has driven digital transformation projects for over ten years. 

Which50 includes a unique data integration structure which supports an agile and streamlined digital transformation approach: it wraps around our clients’ core systems, seamlessly connecting with existing customer databases and legacy platforms.

Consent Management Tools & Reporting

Behavioural Segmentation + Targeting

Omni-Channel Journeys

Integration with Core Systems

Mobile Responsive Design

Personalisation at Scale

User-Friendly Designer

Customer Journey Reporting & Analytics


Explore Which50's Benefits & Features

Customers’ digital expectations continue to change, and your business faces the challenge of delivering a customer experience that meets these expectations across all digital channels. Every day organisations are overcoming this challenge and driving customer engagement by using our digital communication platform, Which50.

Learn more about Which50’s key features and how we can help transform how your business connects with your customer.

Omni-Channel Digital Journeys

Which50 makes it easy for organisations to create customer journeys across multiple digital channels. Our flexible technology allows users to create emails, SMS, webpages and webforms; all from the one platform. 

User-Friendly Designer

Which50’s designer allows users to quickly create  responsive emails, webforms and webpages – no coding required! With features such as customisable templates, dynamic content,  personalisation and A/B testing, your organisation will be able to easily design a digital journey your customer loves.

Mobile Responsive Design

Our designer ensures your layout works for all devices, so you only have to design your email, webpage or webform once. Seamlessly test and preview how your digital journey will appear on a mobile, tablet or desktop screen.

Personalisation at Scale

Ensure your organisation exceeds customers’ expectations by delivering a personalised customer experience that aligns with their interests and needs. Which50 facilitates a complete customer view by integrating operational, marketing and customer service communications to create a better customer experience.

Target Behavioural Segmentation

Which50 enables organisations to design expansive digital journeys that react and respond to customer decisions at various stages. Our sophisticated platform can retarget and segment audiences based on customer behaviour throughout the digital journey.

Consent Management Tools & Reporting

Which50 provides the tools and reports necessary to support GDPR compliance in relation to digital communication. Our compliance portal allows your customers to update and edit consent and communication preferences online. It also provides the functionality to quickly gather information to service Digital Subject Access Requests. 

Core System Integration

Our application programming interface (API) technology seamlessly connects with core legacy systems, removing the substantial time and financial costs associated with large-scale data projects. This allows our clients to create digital customer journeys promptly due to our flexible and user-friendly Software as a Service platform.

Reporting & Analytics

Which50 provides a centralised insight and reporting tool for all your digital journeys. Efficiently measure campaign performance and customer engagement with comparison reports across all of your digital channel activities.

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Please get in contact with one of our experts and ask about Which50, professional services or any technical challenges you need to solve. Let us help you in digitally transforming your company and create digital journeys that your customers will love.

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